Saturday, 26 April 2008

Jean Gambell dies!

I remember reading about a poor woman Jean Gambell, who was falsely accused of theft of half a Crown when she was 15 years of age in 1937. She was arrested, sectioned for some reason and then she disappeared into the system.

The Half Crown was latter found, so no crime was actually committed!

Yet, Jean remained in custody.

She was kept in Lunatic asylums and Orwellian named 'care homes' until someone realised she was not mad and in fact had been telling the truth all the years she had been kept incarcerated by the 'caring state'!

Well, one month after she was released, after being robbed of her life, she has died!

I bet the 'care system' is wiping its brow, and sighing with relief, they don't have to apportion blame or give out any 'compo' now the old bat is dead! Such good timing!

Those lying, thieving scumbags!

'She was sectioned under the 1890 Lunacy Act and even though the money was later found, she has been moved from mental institution to mental institution. More recently, she went into a care home and has been lost to her family, who thought she was dead.'

This poor girl had her entire life taken from her! All because of a mistake, or perhaps petty malice that got out of control?

Ah yes, remember this the next time someone tells you, 'there should be a law to prevent such and such' or 'the government should so something about such and such', remember this and tell them that this is what happens when the government does something, it does this because it does not care, it does this because, it is run by weak people who make mistakes, it is like this because the types of people who work for government agencies are usually lazy, incompetent or both.

"I couldn't believe it. I suddenly realised that my sister was still alive. I rang the care home straight away and they confirmed that our sister was there." He and his brother Alan, who had last seen their sister as small children when she was allowed to visit home with two wardens as guards, travelled to the Macclesfield home.

They were told by staff that their 85-year-old sister was deaf, could only communicate in writing and was very unlikely to remember them.

"A little old lady on walking sticks came in," said Alan. "She looked at us and cried out: 'Alan...David'. Then she put her arms around us. It was very emotional.

"I am sure that what has kept her going all these years was the challenge of proving to the authorities that she had a family. The trouble was, nobody would listen to her."

This is such a sad story, what wickedness was done to this poor girl, they took away her life, they took away the potential for her to have children, they took away her grandchildren and her husband, they took away her chance of having a home, a family and love, they stole what is most precious, her freedom, and now no compensation can repay her for this great evil done to her.

It makes no difference that this was an unintentional evil, it makes no difference if there were people who worked around her that were nice, thoughtful and friendly, it makes no difference if people really believed they were doing the best they could for her, in the end, they are as guilty as the most ruthless kidnappers, thieves or murderers.

'She spent years, lost in a maze of institutions and care homes, trying to convince people in authority that she had a family. But nobody would believe her.'

They took this girl away from her friends and family, her father and mother died not knowing her fate, she not knowing theirs.

Such wickedness!

I just hope she can now rest in peace, the government and it's 'care system', can no longer torment her!




Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sarkozy wants more immigrants!

The current French president Nicholas Sarkozy was probably someone you thought of as 'right wing', this is the man who called the beur rioters 'scum' in 2005, this is the man who promised to reform France!

Yet, It seems that no sooner then he had been elected to the office of the president, then he promptly plunged his knife into those people who had voted for him, why does this happen so often? Whether it is your TD, MP, MEP or any other number of acronyms, they vow to serve you and then once elected, strangely turn on you!

Well, perhaps that is just democracy in action?

Well, Mr Sarkozy has decided to to go one better and pretty much demand the replacement of his subjects, the French with Arabs, he calls it a Mediterranean Union, very much like the 'Eurabia' of legend, which was officially begun with the Barcelona Process in 1995.

What is means for us, is that we give the governments of North Africa and the Middle East money, technology and diplomatic support and condemnation of Israel and in return we allow millions of their people to immigrate here as a sort of safety valve for their regimes, if we can get them jobs so they can send money home, then all the better, although it seems inevitable that many will end up on benefit. Another benefit is that we get a regular supply of oil.

It is sold to us by dangling the prospect of ending illegal immigration, controlling terrorism and increasing trade, who can be against these things?

Illegal immigration will continue, because our governments are not really alarmed about it, they do try and look as if they care and are worried, but that just is not very believable after they have been squawking the same platitudes year in, year out, for the past decade!

Terrorism, well, this is just some none-sense stirred up by western governments to try and frighten us into doing whatever they want, yes there is the odd bomb, yes it is terrible for those involved, but none of these things would be happening if we had border controls and did not allow every Ahmed, Mustapha and Osama into this continent!

Trade, well, trade is all very good and well, but we don't need ten million young men to sweep into our cities to join the dole queues, do we?

Please note, Ireland, France, Britain, Poland, etc are not in fact sovereign anymore, that ended when we joined the EU, our real government is the European Commission and the European Council, it is they who decide the regulations we hear about, so that means that every head of government is part of our 'real government', Angela Merkel, Gordon Brown, Silvio Burlusconi, Robert Tusk, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero as well as Bertie Ahern, soon to be Cowen are those with the power in this new 'empire'.

Our leaders include Mr Sarkozy, he is the one pushing for this new 'Union' of the Mediterranean, this obviously includes all of Europe as it is almost impossible to stop someone who has arrived in France or Italy, from coming to Ireland, Britain or Scandinavia. It has been suggested that Europe will need twenty million new immigrants in the next decade! Where will they go?

Apparently we need close to sixty million immigrants by 2050! Who writes this stuff? Who estimates this? Who pushes this? Big business, they like ethnic workers, people they don't have to pay well, people they can use and abuse for long hours and low pay, they like them because most Europeans would balk at the working conditions big business can demand of these immigrant workers. The left love the ethnic immigrants too, it grows their electorate, increases their power and influence, and as we know, politicians love power and influence and MONEY, above all else!

So, the 'right' being funded by big business talks tough on immigration, but does nothing of substance to stop it, the left love immigration because they hate their own so they extend immigration when in power, then the right does nothing to stop it, they talk and at times pass a law, that is never enforced, but they don't actually want to 'conserve' anything except their power and income, this can only be done by bowing the knee to big business and it's desires.

I know some will accuse me of 'racism', or 'intolerance', but that is to just miss my point by a mile, I have been to North Africa and really loved it, I loved the medinas and the casbahs and the heaps of spices and cafes and the crowds and the chaotic character of the cities, I was impressed by the friendliness of the average man in the street, and charmed by the times I spent there.

Immigration is not only a disaster awaiting Europe, it is a disaster for the North Africans now, some of their best and brightest have been tempted away for good by Europe, some of their best educated have left, they have lost out. When in Europe, they feel out of place, they are foreign, they will not integrate, and why should they? I would not integrate into their society if I lived there, I would always be me, why should they be expected to dump their culture for us?

Immigration is bad for both of us, it encouraged laziness and selfishness in Europeans, leading to lower birth rates, shrinking populations and more welfare, it leads to ghettoisation of immigrants and religious extremism, it leads to criminality among unemployed and unemployable ethnic youth who are neither European nor Arab/African.

This cant be good for either of us?

This Mediterranean Union, will only exacerbate the problems we already face, if our real government had any sense, they would reject it now to prevent worse problems in the future, but being elected politicians, they are by nature short sighted, looking only to the next election, so don't hold your breath.

Le Figaro

International Herald Tribune

CS Monitor

Monday, 21 April 2008

Is London's Future Islamic?

Time Out Magazine, had an interesting and slightly disturbing article back in June 2007 with the above title, the magazine is a 'whats on in London' type rag I remember well from my few years years there. It is a typical left wing establishment publication, and as such takes for granted all of the left wing victories of the past century as the norm.

I found this article recently and was almost gaging as I read the sickly Islamophile propaganda that was so blatant, one could mistake it for a parody of what left wingers regularly write.

Apparently Time Out think Islam would be great because of the public health benefits! Such as washing feet and hands on a daily basis! I was under the impression most people had a bath or shower on a daily basis? Perhaps the men and women at Time Out don't?

The next point they make it that Islam is more ecologically friendly then Londoners presently are! I think that is a sop to the greenies!

The next point they make is that Muslims do better at school, this is probably correct, as Muslim families have structure, fathers and stay at home mothers to make sure they don' go off the rails, unlike most white children in London.

They then go on to say that religious minorities would be better off due to the Dhimma!

In fact the writer seems to think that an Islamic London would be a left wingers dream come true!

Well, my amazement at such naivete never seems to prepare of the next load of non-sense, spoken or written by people who know little or nothing about the realities of Islam, and the reality of living as a minority of some sort under the religious rule of Islamic fanatics!

It seems strange that writers, such as the one writing for Time Out, would actually wish this upon themselves, it is they who would be the first to suffer. It is all that they hold dear that would be destroyed, something I could quite readily stand aside for!

Although I could happily stand aside and watch the fury of this coming Islamic storm sweep away all that the secularists, atheists, communists, feminists and other assorted lefties have achieved in the past century, I also realise that this would only be a temporary reprieve from the storm myself, as once they have done away with the most obvious insults to their god, they would turn on us, the ones who believe in the real God, we would have persecution like we have never known, persecution of the type the Copts, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks experienced to today! No doubt the godless would readily embrace Islam as a way to avoid any trouble, taking delight in our own travails, perhaps even joining in!

Islam is not only growing in London, it grows in Ireland, in Dublin and Cork, more and more arrive, we must ask ourselves, are we ready to ditch all that we were? Are we ready to become something else, just because we can't be bothered doing anything about it?

I'm afraid the answer is an apathetic 'whatever'.

Bertie's two fingered salute to you!

More on the supposedly 'democratic' nature of the European Union and the Irish government. Is it not great to know that these crooks have set themselves up as rulers? Does it not fill you with a thrill to know the Treaty of Lisbon will pass no matter how much you oppose it? Is it not humbling to know the European Commission has their gaze locked upon us, with steely, fearful eyes, grubby, corrupt hands and an insatiable lust for our money and dominion over our lives?

It really is beyond a parody now!


By the way, does anyone think Bertie will be, or is trying to hustle himself a big fat exceptionally well paid job in Brussels?

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Rare Auld Times!

One of the best songs for a late night sing song at the local!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

The lisbon Treaty

I have refrained from discussing the Lisbon Treaty for one reason, it does not matter!

I remember when I was a young whipper snapper in 1992 when the Maastricht Treaty was being fought over, I remember not really understanding it or caring that much, my parents told me they were voting against it, my father later told me he voted for Maastricht for 'my future' and that of my siblings, whatever that means.

I became more sceptical of the 'European project' as time went on, the more I learned of the EU and the European Parliament and the European Commission, I was appalled and began to speak out against this threat to our independence, I got involved in local politics to try to influence things, to try to convince people of the danger of what was happening.

Well, the treaty of Nice was the high point I suppose, it was the point at which we could think, we did it, we defeated them, they must listen to us now!!

Ha! Like hell they did!

They spent the next few months conspiring with our 'democratically elected' officials to overturn this vote. As anyone interested in 'European Affairs' will know, there is only ONE right answer when voting in referenda on European treaties, one must agree!

We thick Micks had the gall to do something other then hold our caps in our hands and bow and scrape to the whores of Brussels! We, Paddies, who had been 'given' all that money by Europe bit the hand that fed us, after all we would all still be living in mud huts were it not for the generosity of the degenerate hookers in Brussels!

Well, we were asked to vote again. No, apologies, we were told to vote again, and this time we were told to vote the 'right way', so we had our 'democratically elected' government scurrying around the country in a desperate attempt to placate their real masters in Brussels, desperate to undo the wrong done to their masters and the damage done to their chances of getting a nice post government job on the gravy train that is the European Commission.

And like mugs we voted for Nice!

I wonder if they would allow us to vote for Nice again? No thought not!

It's funny ain't it? There is always only one real answer to a referendum question! If you vote the right way, they leave you alone, if you vote the wrong way they come back to poke and prod and threaten and cajole and coerce you until you give in and vote the way they want you to vote!

And this is the running joke we call 'democracy', Ha!!!

We are not the only ones to vote the 'wrong way', the Danes did it in 1992, and had to vote again until they got it right, the French and the Dutch voted the wrong way in 2005 and have now been denied votes in this 'non constitution'!

Norway is asked every few years if the want to join the EU, they repeatedly vote 'NO', but their politicians continue to ask them! Perhaps the Norwegian politicians are sick and tired of not being on the gravy train? They like the looks of the pensions and the perks in Brussels? Why cant we be asked every few years if we want to continue to be in the EU? I know the answer!

This sick joke of voting for treaties is a farce, we all know what they will do if they lose, they just make us vote again, of they lose that, they repackage the treaty and tell us to vote again, and again, and again, they will not cease, they will not give in, they will not give up, until we give them what they want, it is only a matter of time.

So, the Treaty of Lisbon will pass, it may not pass this year or the next, it may not pass as the 'Treaty of Lisbon', perhaps it will be called the Treaty of Dublin, or Vienna or Athens? Who knows, what I do know is that our rulers care nothing for us or our opinions.

Our leaders desire only power and money, Europe gives them this, they will never give that up, your concerns, your fears, your love of your country are incomprehensible to them, these men and women are prostitutes for money and power, they are the most brazen and perfidious whores! In fact whores have more morality then all of these brazen political sluts put together!

So, as much as I admire those who campaign for Lisbon's rejection, I also know, that they will win in the end, every fibre of their beings will ensure that!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Vodka Infuriates Americans!

this advert has sent some Americans into a righteous fury!

They object to Absolut, a Swedish vodka company, from using a pre-1848 map of Mexico to market their drink. There has been some bizarre comments made by 'right wing' Americans comparing this map, to a map showing Paris as part of Germany!!

Absolut defended themselves, stating that this map represented an idealised time in Mexican history, before half of their territory was taken by those United States.

War and conquest are a part of our being, conquest can be argued to be right and proper (mostly by the winning side) or it can be denounced as evil and immoral (the losing side), but it exists and that is how the American states of California, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona came into being part of those United States of America.

It seems some Americans are oblivious to this, that they did pursue an aggressive war of conquest against their weaker neighbour and that they seized half of what used to be Mexico, at least admit you did that!

The territory may now be yours, but it was once Mexico, and looking at current immigration statistics, it may once again be Mexican!

Friday, 4 April 2008

The 500 Trillion Dollar Question!

Yes, you read right, 500 trillion dollars, not million or billion, but trillion!

That's about 300 trillion Euro or 250 trillion Pounds!

Lots of money you say? Yes it is, its an unimaginable amount of money, in fact, the GDP for the entire planet Earth in one year is about 50 trillion dollars, so 500 trillion dollars is ten times the entire GDP of the entire world!

Well, what if I were to tell you that the 500 trillion number is the amount of potential bad debt that is currently floating around the world economy at the moment and that this is what is panicking the financial world?

For the moment the world has only felt an economic shudder, as the price of a wholesale panic, as the reality of the situation seems to suggest, would be the end of the financial world as we know it, so they are hanging on!

The central banks have been criminal in their actions, effectively removing money from our pockets with their magic trick of lowering interest rates thus causing inflation!

This is probably the worst time for these spoilt financiers and idiotic central bankers to be playing with our money to keep the greedy and feckless banks in operation, inflation is going up, food prices are going up, the Dollar and the Pound are becoming worthless and the Euro can't be that far behind, what with most European governments owing in debt, more then their annual national incomes!

As a result of ethanol subsides to farmers to grow maize to turn into fuel, regional droughts, moulds and increased demand from Asia, food stores are at their lowest in decades!

500 trillion dollars is not something we can wish away, no matter how much we wish to, a shortage of food is also something we cant wish away, and yet, our governments, being run by the shortsighted, incompetent and downright deceitful politicians refuse to face the looming crisis that lies in front of us and act before the crisis is upon us!

If we are lucky, we will have a recession, if we are lucky.

The facts suggest something altogether more terrible!

Do you believe in Democracy?

Well, I know it's not scientific or representative blah blah!

But for those who happen across this site, it seems most do not believe in democracy, which is interesting, I was sure the yeas would have it, but it is the noes who come away as the clear winners!

The results are bellow

Do You Believe in Democracy?

Yes - 8 (16%)

No - 38 (76%)

Don't Know - 4 (8%)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The prostitute that calls itself 'democracy'!

I got a comment to the Onion News Network satire bellow, the poster the self named 'Dirty European Socialist' stated Democracy is always better the monarchy.

I would disagree, I am unaware of the British queen's wealth, and see that as irrelevant to the issue of whether someone is a monarchist or not.

The problem with politicians is that the seek office, that those who do so are by nature odd, egotistical and usually desire money as well as power, so once in a position of power seek to enrich themselves at our expense, I believe that Elizabeth II inherited much of her wealth and has invested wisely over the past 50 + years resulting in her very healthy bank account.

The 17 billion quoted is something I am unaware of and am not certain whether this includes such places as Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace which belong to the Crown and not personally to Elizabeth Windsor.

The strength of monarchy is exactly that it is an accident of birth, that most monarchs are wealthy and have everything they can want, there is no reason to implement a 'programme' to prove or to feign activity or concern, they have no reason to enrich themselves as they are already rich beyond anyone's dreams, and they have nothing to prove.

A lazy King would be a big improvement on an elected politician seeking to secure his position and please his constituency at the expense of his enemies!

But anyway, one comment shall not convert me to what I see as the con that is called 'democracy', a false god that promises much and makes us think we actually have a say in how we are constantly defrauded, taxed and censured by the 'democratically' elected government!

I have decided to include an interesting HBO video on the Diebold voting machines here, it describes what can happen and most probably happens in the 'land of the free'.