Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A New Cold War?

If we are indeed to have a new Cold War as many American pundits seem to be dreaming of, I know with whom I will stand. Holy Mother Russia!

The leaders of the west are spineless worms, unworthy of our great heritage, they have continually betrayed us, they have sold us out, they scorn us and our past. They are the ultimate anti-westerners.

Russia is a Christian nation, it is a true nation, not like the hollowed out states that pass for nations in the west anymore.

I despised the Soviet Union, mainly because of the spiritual rape it committed on the Russian people, the new Russia is not the Soviet Union.

Russia, one of the last European nations to stand up for itself, it is being threatened and bullied by the very same monsters who threaten and bully us, Russia is our most natural of allies, we must work with Russia in this new 'Cold War', it is the leaders of the west and especially the leadership of the United States that are the true threat to the continuity of our culture, our 'way of life'.

The hypocrisy of the American administration is stupefying, they condemn Russia for recognising Abkhazia and South Ossetia, yet do not seem to think their illegal and immoral betrayal of the Serbs over Kosovo is not many times worse, what are these people smoking?

In all our travails, we at least have one true ally, that is Russia.

God save Holy Mother Russia!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Will you be the saviour of the broken and the damned?

'When I was young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band
He said 'son, when you grow up would you be the saviour of broken, the beaten and the damned?'
He said 'will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made? Because one day I'll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer to join the black parade'

I was thinking about where we are, the possibility of losing everything, the betrayal of our children we could be committing.

I see it thus, we have a choice between hope and despair, despair is easier, for all we need to do is sit back and accept our fate. It seems morally superior, we can tell everyone 'I told you so', we could whisper to ourselves in our old age, 'if only they had listened to me, all would be right with the world'.

Hope seems the more challenging emotion, for if we hope, we must act to fulfill that hope, and what would that imply? Sacrifice, possible death, and yet, being lazy and contented, we reject hope, we accept despair.

'Would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?', most of us say no thanks, I've got some Sex in the City to watch! So our inheritance is sold to any passing migrant, any barbarian interested in living the easy life.

It is far past the time to admit, that we will not be saved by some white knight, some hero, it is up to you, to me, to us, to save ourselves and our people. The liberals will never get it, or it they do, they are content to see us enslaved.

It is in the end about love and courage and the willingness to sacrifice, are we able to do so? Are we willing to make ourselves uncomfortable to save all that we seem so desperate to save?

I hope so, because it seems or enemy is triumphant, they march on the field of battle victorious, sneering at us, supported, or at least accepted by the majority. We will never win if we accept the lie that we must have the majority behind us, that is the way of defeat and despair, we must reject democracy, reject majoritarianism, we must accept that all that is there to oppose them, is us.

I wonder if we can admit that?

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Debt as Money

The following video explain money, and how it comes to be. I used to wonder at those admonitions not to accept or commit usury in Scripture, it seemed a bit odd and out of date, 'old fashioned' if you will. How wrong I was!

Over the past year or so, I have learned quite a bit about money and debt, but this is the most concise and clear explanation so far.

It is well worth the 45 minutes!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Who are we?

We are orphans, subjects of wicked men who claim they 'care' for us, we are lost, walking in the darkness, in the ruins of what was once a glorious civilisation. We are a people lost in our dreams, hoping one day, we can awake to a reality much like our dreams.

But our waking lives are a nightmare, we struggle to survive, despised by our rulers, loathed by the elite, who seek our dissolution, they sponsor a wave of human migration, the likes the world has never seen, they sponsor violence against us and ours.

We are told we are evil and wicked, we are mocked, or fathers are condemned as wicked, by those who rule us with a rod, a rod of fear, of threatened violence.

We are a people separated from our past, from our forefathers, from the glories of Europe before the great slaughter of the First World War, the suicide of the west.

We are peoples wandering, without roots, without hope, drenched in grief and mourning for this lost world. Most of us can't explain why we feel this way, most find it difficult to express our loss, our grief.

We hear this grief in our music, we sense it all around us, but cant define it.

The world has been through many terrible griefs, we have seen many terrible things, we have toiled and bled, we have fought and many have died, many of those who have died, died in vain, but nothing can compare to the fratricide unleashed in 1914.

In those terrible years we were marked, like Cain, we are cursed.

We seek a saviour, a messiah, and all to many times we have sought solace in false Messiahs, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, De Gaulle, Thatcher, Blair and now Obama, at other times we have sought saviours in 'democracy', 'human rights' and in discarding our past, our faith and morality, what fools we are, what desperation we must feel.

And yet, we still have our dreams, as weak as they are, as demoralised as we are, there is still a spark of goodness there, a point of light, a hope.

This hope is not in politics, it is not in arguing with our enemies, it is not in letter writing or pointless protests, it is not in powerless 'constitutional monarchies', it is in our souls, in our spirits, our peoples, the men of the west.

We are weak, many of us still believe vainly in 'democracy', but if we can get past this, just a small minority can change things, how many men were involved in instigating the French Revolution? Or the Russian Revolution? Not many, a few thousand at most, they led, they seized power from weakened governments, they did not campaign for election, they took power, not that I like the Jacobins or Bolsheviks in any way, I despise them and their works. But we must take lessons from their exploits, if we are ever to be serious, we need to discard our antique and unthinking belief in 'democracy' or voting or trying to convince the majority, the majority will always just go along with the way things are, we must think the unthinkable!

We are a lost people, a rudderless sham of a civilisation, if we don't do something serious soon, even that shadow of what we once were will be gone.

It's time for a counterrevolution.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Monarchy in Georgia?

Gerald Warner in the Telegraph suggests that a restoration of their ancient monarchy may be the way to definitively show their separateness from Russia, seems not a bad idea to me, especially if it means the ousting of that oaf Saakashvilli!

Mr Warner seems to be thinking of a King Juan Carlos situation, myself, I would hope any restoration of monarchy would be a genuine restoration of political power and influence to a king, not some excuse for glorified tourist tat!

The Catholicos of the Georgian Church, Ilia II has suggested a restoration of the monarchy, causing debate among the various parties in the Georgian Parliament.

The problem with most 'Constitutional Monarchs', is that they are in fact, not very 'constitutional' at all, they are absent monarchs or plastic monarchs. Kings and queens without power sidelined by bitter republicans who resent the symbolism they represent. Too many monarchs are imprisoned, imprisoned at the politicians pleasure, with the Sword of Damocles hanging over them, the slime ball politicos ready and waiting for an excuse to abolish that monarchy.

What I would like to see, is a King of Georgia with powers similar to those the Princes of Monaco and Lichtenstein wield, that to me is a proper constitutional monarchy, one where the monarch works as part of the constitution, not as a fancy decoration.

I hope that Georgia can use this defeat to right itself, to restore it's rightful king and depose that American stooge Saakashvilli, then perhaps it can seek friendship with Holy Mother Russia and the wounds opened over the past few decades and the war fought over the last fortnight can be consigned to memory.

Europe News

Jamestown Foundation


Saturday, 16 August 2008

A Brief History of Finance

The following is an excellent post describing the most natural revolutionaries, the bankers, the ones who seem to have molded the world around them to benefit them and their balance sheet, it is a long read, but quite instructive!

Taken from Bedlam Nation

'Centuries ago, international bankers found that by financing governments who wished to make war on each other they could maintain control over them, ensure favorable business conditions and pile up enormous wealth. If they were displeased by the performance of the leaders they installed, they could finance the opposition. The international bankers want open population flows because they think of people as interchangeable parts. As long as the populace is not in a position to make trouble and are able to buy the products and services marketed to them, the financiers are satisfied.

America’s “robber barons” of the 19th century followed the same basic formula. Most of them were young men during the Civil War, which they bought their way out of. Some, like Jay Cooke, were aligned with the bankers and acted as agents in the war's financing. Others, like Rockefeller, Gould, Armour, Carnegie and many more, sought to develop the industries that would enable the country to be brought under a single hegemonic rule.

Steel, railroads and oil would unite all markets into one. The federal government dished out massive acreage for railroad use. Elected officials of both national and local scale were amenable to these schemes. Small localities could be turned overnight into boomtowns or ruined instantly by the mere location of the railroad tracks. Municipal officials were compelled by the railroad magnates to provide the financing for each section of track and other infrastructure. The railroads brought with them the possibility of huge economic benefits.

Business, trade, population and housing all boomed. The town fathers who were in on the ground floor stood to reap gigantic wealth. The Indians were wiped out, the free rangers were fenced in, the freebooters, gamblers and other unruly elements were brought under control and the territories made safe for the farmers and settlers who provided the necessary population. Eventually these places sought statehood and were brought into the federal system.

One thing about the robber barons, especially Rockefeller, that has generally escaped the notice of the popular imagination is that they hated competition. Having a lot of small operators all competing against each other in a single industry – the Adam Smith model – is messy and hampers the growth of the huge economies of scale that allowed the magnates to mass enormous wealth and power. The hype surrounding Progressive-era politics was that men like Theodore Roosevelt broke up the trusts in the interests of the little guy.

But the truth is big business became bigger than ever. As the century turned, these original magnates, whose goals and methods made them natural allies with the international bankers, faced two problems. One, an increasing need to standardize both markets and labor force; and two, to shield their wealth from the new tax laws that were coming in to buy off the threat of socialist unrest. They hit upon two solutions.

One, a public education system that would ensure a citizenry that was thoroughly indoctrinated in the right attitudes to function as both docile workers and reliable consumers. And two, a central bank, under their control, that would ensure both the bankers’ control over government in perpetuity and also enable them to manipulate credit and the money supply to keep the peasantry sufficiently able to buy the gewgaws of the ever-growing commercial sector to keep them satisfied with their serfdom, forever. The tax-exempt foundation and the Federal Reserve would enable them to accomplish these goals.

In 1953, the Reece Commission investigated the money links between the tax-exempt foundations and the socialistic elements in the educational system. The picture that emerged was one of the vast wealth of the monopoly capitalists, shielded from taxation, being used to promulgate grossly socialistic schemes. Why would capitalists fund institutions that preached the expropriation of the rich? Because they really had nothing to fear from these people, and they knew it. Once a socialist movement reached ascendancy in a country and formed a government, its leaders would need financing and would have to come to the bankers to get it. The money would come with strings attached, and once again the elements of high finance would be in control. People would have before them just the options provided them by the money power, and no more.

After World War II, the major opinion-forming bodies – the interlocking heads of the foundations and the education theorists in charge of disseminating their dictates – decided that what was needed was a “one-world citizen.” All of these cooperating branches of the propaganda machine championed the notions of freedom, democracy and international brotherhood. The media was expanded from its roots in American newspapers as the herald of commercial advertisers to a force for change in the directions dictated by the internationalists.

Newspapers, movies, radio, television and the music industry began to hammer home relentlessly the new themes: the innate goodness and deserving nature of long-suffering blacks; the need for equal rights for blacks and women; tolerance of sex and lifestyle freedoms; the virtue, frankness, openness and general goodness of the common man of mass democracy; that the world’s people were really just Americans at heart and deserved a chance to prosper and therefore should be admitted into the country at once, all of them; and the need for the churches to stop trying to bring man into redemption from sinfulness through Christ and instead to enforce love and tolerance of his fellows, which will be distorted in practical terms to mean the acceptance of ever more outrageous and vile conduct in thought and deed as normal, healthy and benevolent.

Most people remain basically unalarmed by all of this. On the one hand you have the minorities, who agree with most of these tendencies; their only reservation is that they are not being implemented fast enough. Their spokesmen and their white allies complain constantly that racism, sexism and homophobia are more pervasive than ever. On the other hand the rank and file white people are cowed into submission by the relentless brainwashing of the media. It’s just not nice to notice that most of the crime is committed by blacks and mestizos, and that wherever middle-class American culture is being debased and disparaging media images of whites abound, Jews and their anti-Christ secular allies are pulling the strings.

Working against white solidarity in the face of minority onslaught and demographic subsumation by mass immigration is that most whites simply don’t think they are vulnerable. As long as the money machine keeps working, and the system of imperial control of the world’s labor and vital resources keeps the cheap goods flowing, well, everything is all right. Another problem is that not all whites think of themselves as “white.” This goes back almost fifteen hundred years to the struggles between the Celtic Britons and Scots and Irish and the Germanic Saxons, Angles, Norse and Normans. Growing up the descendant mainly of Germans and Puritan WASPs in an Irish and Italian Catholic milieu, I noticed early on that there existed a natural animosity wherever the Saxon-Celt divide was perceptible. The Irish kids I grew up with seemed to define themselves in opposition to anything “whitebread” (Bo Sears, are you listening?).

Indeed, anybody whose people came here after 1860 tends to think of themselves as beyond responsibility for the race problem. That is, they don’t identify with the earlier American sense of the need to exercise control over alien and hostile populations. This is compounded by the fact that many of the post-1848 immigrants to America, the German socialists, the poor of Southern and Eastern Europe, were little more than serfs. They identified not so much with the blacks themselves – many had strong prejudices against them – but with their plight as menial workers at the bottom of society. What they really resented was the Anglo-Saxons who occupied the positions of power, wealth and influence in their new land. Siding with blacks was a way to get at the hated “bosses.” When World War I and II rolled around, this same impulse manifested itself as anti-German feeling. The Saxon type was seen to be doing the same thing to Europe as he was doing in America to blacks, Indians and immigrants. He would have to be dethroned. Jews lead the charge, but all non-WASP ethnics pile on heartily.

All of this eventually leads to the destruction of any notion of aristocracy beyond the money power. It’s been over a hundred years now since the last pro-white American movement against the banks, the Populists, fizzled out, co-opted by the two major parties. The Age of Mass Man has settled in.Chilton Williamson Jr., writing in the September issue of Chronicles draws the grim portrait of our modern condition:

Deprived of an authoritative aristocracy to direct its government, uphold a coherent social structure, fight its wars, and maintain high standards in learning and in the arts, Western civilization has approached near collapse, as the enfranchised rude republican of the 19th century has devolved steadily into the “empowered” mass man of the 20th and 21st , to the point where, today, democratic society exists only in the anthropological sense. The devastation is systemic, endemic, and all-pervasive, embracing government and public life, the professions, the arts, manners, morals, and religion. Modern Americans no longer recognize or appreciate civilization. They have ceased to be able to govern themselves, and they have ceased to be capable of thought, in part because mass democracy encourages thinking about everything in the mass – abstractly and statistically, according to the standards set by the social “sciences.” The mass man, Ortega said, thinks he is perfect. That is as good an explanation as any for the secularization of modern society and of religion itself, as only people who are aware of their radical imperfection can be expected to believe in the Christian God and to observe His commandments.

That man should become standardized in his wants and needs, all material; that he should want nothing more than to live as only irresponsible aristocrats had once been able to live, in the illusion of vice, luxury and material comfort; to be self-sufficient with income from the increasingly abstract “work” of keeping the books for the transactions of the service economy, with his eye so close to one small facet of the scheme as to miss its whole import: this was the goal of the financiers and their industrialist confederates.

Feminism suits their ambitions perfectly, for it accomplishes several laudable goals. It expands the pool of both consumers and laborers; and it leads to a demographic crisis that drives mass immigration, allowing still more workers to be imported from alien countries, cultures and races. Anything that works against an ethnic national unity on the part of whites is essential to the scheme. Other races and types of men may be educated in an awareness of ethnic pride, because this can be used as a bludgeon against whites, who are increasingly shown to be the robbers of freedom of the downtrodden of the world. We must be ever vigilant against “racism” in order to prevent another KKK, another Hitler, another Wallace, indeed anyone or anything that would remind people that America was once a Protestant Christian country populated by predominantly Anglo-Saxon whites who did not want to amalgamate their country, their culture, their homes, businesses and families with Africans, Asiatics, Jews and Indians. And so the Civil Rights movement, organized, funded and propagandized by and for the interests of the money power and its international socialist wing and utterly pervasive at all levels of government, legal and academic bureaucracy, conducts an ongoing revolution designed to remake man to suit the demands of the new uniformity.

The moral cachet of the movement has been extended to the relations between the sexes and the interests of fathers within the family. The state declares that there shall be no gods before it: all allegiance to God and His created order shall hereby cease. Today’s soulless material man, propagandized under the new gods of Freud, Kinsey, Mead, Spock and Hefner, has embraced the Playboy Philosophy with relish. Sexual liberation for women, packaged in the Civil Rights wrappings, means that men can now enjoy sex without marriage.

Women, subsidized by government allotments and enabled by the cash and commodity economy, enjoy financial independence without men. Mass-market feminist magazines applaud women having sex and children without the restrictions of husbands, oppressive morals and social opprobrium. Birth control and abortion rights, no-fault divorce, custody laws and child support regimes mean that marriage and children pose too much of a financial risk for men, who can be threatened with expulsion from their families and the loss of half their income for almost any cause. For women, the risks of pinning their future and that of their children on a husband will be less attractive than delaying motherhood until an independent career can be established. Men and women will need each other only for sex and the satisfaction of their emotional needs while they pursue, almost separately even in cohabitation, their individual careers based on personal advancement and self-fulfillment.

This fragile basis for union will be strained fatally by precisely those human needs the new morality was calculated to liberate. The end result is atomized men and women hopelessly seeking satisfaction from the very things in life that are most sure to disappoint. The anxiety can be relieved only temporarily by the next round of spending on material pleasures: exactly the way the moguls want it. Your credit limit goes up as your moral condition goes down.

There seems to be no way to reclaim this culture. Anyone who wishes to escape infection must separate from it, criticize it to all who will listen, and strive to set against it an appealing and heroic counterexample. We must relentlessly campaign to weaken its basic assumptions. These notions in particular must be countered: that everybody’s equal, with material circumstances determining outcomes; that democracy is good and that everybody, everywhere in all times and places, wants it; and that material progress is the only measure of the health of a society.

At last, one by one, we must all “repent, turn to God and do works befitting repentance (Acts 26:20 NKJV).” For therein lies our hope and salvation.'

Perfidious America.

'The US is financially bankrupt, with budget and trade deficits that exceed the combined deficits of the rest of the world together. The dollar has wilted. The American consumer market is dying from the offshoring of American jobs and, thereby, incomes, and from the wealth effect of the real estate and derivatives collapses. The US has nothing to offer Europe. Indeed, American economic decline is killing European exports by driving up the value of the euro.

America long ago lost the moral high ground. Hypocrisy has become America’s best known hallmark. Bush, the invader of Afghanistan and Iraq on the basis of lies and deception, thunders at Russia for coming to the defense of its peacekeepers and Russian citizens in South Ossetia. Bush who ripped Kosovo out of Serbia’s heart and handed it to the Muslims, has taken an adamant stand against other separatist movements, especially the South Ossetians who wish to be part of the Russian Federation.'

Continue reading here

Friday, 15 August 2008

Omagh 10 years on!

I see it's been 10 years since the bombing of Omagh.

I remember it, I was young and free and not connected to a mobile phone or the Internet or anything else really, I remember being at church the next day listening to the sermon in which some things about violence were mentioned, I looked down and under the seat in front of me was a Sunday paper with the story on the front page, it's odd, I felt really shocked!

For years I had heard things about bombs and assassinations and shootings and intimidation, I had seen news about death and destruction, but never had felt anything much besides boredom!

Thirty one people murdered by the 'Real' IRA, shoppers in a town all too like my own town, people all too like my people, it's odd how something can get to you!

Wars in the east!

I have been following the mini-war in Georgia over the past week and what seems strange to me is the virulent hatred of Russia that is still quite apparent in those United States and Britain.

Even though they 'won' the cold war, even though Russia was broken and humiliated, it seems that it is not good enough for the 'west', it seems some want Russia to be dismembered and destroyed.

Russia has come a long way since 1991, it has rejected most of it's communist past, it has recognised privacy and the right to own land, it has restored many of the privileges of the Russian Orthodox church and seems to be trying to restore parts of pre-revolutionary Russia, not Bolshevik Russia.

In many ways Russians are probably more free then they have been since 1914, in fact they are considerably more free then we in the so called 'free West', they can own guns, they can keep most of their income, they can write and travel and argue, they can have opinions, unlike us, who must whisper our thoughts and opinions in secret so not to arouse the wrath of our governments.

It is always a pity when two Christian peoples can't find another way to disagree other then war, it is always the worst option, always a stain on Christendom, however, it does seem that those United States have an interest in testing Holy Mother Russia, they seem to be intent on keeping Russia down, and their puppet, Saakashvilli seems to have believed, too much the earnest whispers of support from the American administration, and he has made a mistake that may cost him his office. Once again, those United States have proved themselves as perfidious and untrustworthy as Albion!

I hope that this war does not go much further, I'm especially disturbed by the American sabre rattling, but it is unlikely that this sabre rattling can become anything more than that as the Americans are tied down in Mesopotamia and Afghanistan as well as the hundreds of other bases throughout the world and the upcoming bankruptcy of that nation!

Let us hope the war is over soon and an equitable peace is established.