Friday, 15 August 2008

Omagh 10 years on!

I see it's been 10 years since the bombing of Omagh.

I remember it, I was young and free and not connected to a mobile phone or the Internet or anything else really, I remember being at church the next day listening to the sermon in which some things about violence were mentioned, I looked down and under the seat in front of me was a Sunday paper with the story on the front page, it's odd, I felt really shocked!

For years I had heard things about bombs and assassinations and shootings and intimidation, I had seen news about death and destruction, but never had felt anything much besides boredom!

Thirty one people murdered by the 'Real' IRA, shoppers in a town all too like my own town, people all too like my people, it's odd how something can get to you!


Flanders Fields said...

I do not remember this particular event, but I can see how this is something that would stay impressed on the minds of anyone close by. I checked and you may be interested in seeing this description (or you may not). Anyway, the link is: