Saturday, 24 May 2008

I is a racist, apparently!

I got a comment to my last post from a Gypsy accusing me of racism!

Surely the most overused accusation in the world today! I'm sure the commenter wants me to repent and seek forgiveness of them, for what, I'm not really sure?

They state:

'The hight of ignorance comes out in this appauling article by Tory Irish. A man who also turned into cheap savage dog, like the uneducated Italian savage dogs in Napels who lost their minds. If only they woke up and realised what they are doing to a divine rich and beautiful culture with Asian roots, deep tradtions, beautiful music, loving families and innocent kids. A culture that has been stereotyped by outsiders for over 200 years. So you, Tory Irish will be on the Romani media watch black list if you don't read the links below learn about Romanies and apologise to the Romani people for your absolutely discriminative racist article. Yvonne Slee (Sinti Romani)'

Now, why they would want to put me on some 'watch list', baffles me, since January less then two thousand people have bothered to visit this blog, the only thing putting me on a watch list can do is attract more people!

I never knew there was a 'Romani media watch list', sounds a bit Stalinist to me.

About having 'turned into cheap savage dog', was that article so out of sync with the rest of this blog? I don't really think so, perhaps Gypsies loved this site until the last article? Hence the word 'turned'?

About the Roma having a rich culture and history, I would never dare disagree, I'm sure they do indeed have a unique rich culture, however it is one, I don't particularly like, and it is one that turns a lot of people off.

I have witnessed gangs of Gypsy women with unconscious children begging in the streets of London, I have seen gangs of similar looking Gypsy women in Rome, Florence, Palermo and Athens. This is fact, not conjecture, I don't like beggars, especially women who drug their children to keep them quiet, especially when they are begging on top of getting welfare payments form my taxes!

I am sure, that not all Gypsies are like this, however when talking or writing it is inevitable that one will generalise, we all do it, however even if it is true that there are some stand up Gypsies, it is also true that there are criminal Gypsies and Gypsies who take advantage.

As for the Neapolitans running the local Gypsies out of town, well, surely Gypsies are by definition, itinerant people, they are not Neapolitans, they are foreign to that town and if the locals want them gone, it is there choice? Hospitality can not be forced from anyone, it must be given freely, if that hospitality is abused, it is completely within the rights of the host, to withdraw that hospitality!

That is what is happening in Italy, perhaps the anger goes too far? Perhaps the allegation of attempted child abduction is false or exaggerated, but it is also true that the Neapolitans patience and tolerance of the Gypsies is gone, surely the only sensible and decent thing to do is to move on?

Whether I am a racist, or hold racist views is completely irrelevant to this issue.

Some links the commenter sent.

Romani Life Society of Australia

Romani Connection Website

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Italian Multiculturalism goes up in smoke!

Have the people of Italy had enough?

When the Italian elections confirmed Silvio Berlusconi's reelection as Prime Minister in April, I was less then impressed, Mr Berlusconi was previously in power and did little but insult people, not that it was not entertaining, but he achieved nothing that was worthwhile.

Well a few things have aroused my interest, firstly the burning of the gypsy camps in Naples and the rounding up of a few hundred others around Italy, It seems that the local mafia took the lead in Naples and was applauded by the locals, whilst representatives of the state (police and firemen) were jeered and stoned by angry crowds.

A Roma web site reports that the UN is mute when asked about the riots in Italy.

I never used to know what real Gypsies were until eastern Europe began to join the EU, I used to think of them as romantic travellers, beautiful and sultry women, charming men and an edgy folksy but terribly nice culture.

Well, Having lived in London and travelled Europe, I can safely say that my former views have been replaced by a somewhat less flattering idea of what Gypsies are like.

Even in my local town, there are gypsies who try to sell The Big Issue, as if I want to read that pap, and another fella who plays a guitar really badly, and he has been doing that in the same spot for years! Although to be fair, at least those Gypsies are not aggressive like the ones in London, and they don't seem to drug their children either.

However, there is a connection between Gypsies and crime, when the Gypsies come to town, the crime rate strangely sky rockets, and then when they leave, the crime leaves too!

I can't say I blame the Neapolitans for their anger, when your government abandons you, sometimes you just have to make do!

Secondly, a mosque in Verona is to be raised and a garden square to be built in its place, named after Oriana Fallaci, the legendary 'Islamophobe' who cheated her fatwah!

It is encouraging that someone somewhere is successfully opposing the building, or in this case the development of another mosque, it would of been frequented by illegal immigrants, a succour to Islamic anti-Christian violence and a blot on that beautiful town. More immigrants would mean, more intimidation, more threats more violence all leading to white flight, which would just leave that place an Islamic stronghold.

This sort of thing needs to become more frequent, we need to keep what is ours, we must not allow the liberals to sell our birth right from out under us.

These two small stories, based in two separate communities in one European country, may not be call for much in the way of celebration, yet, but it is an encouraging start!

London Times

The Independent

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Days Have gone Down in the West!

'Where is the horse and the rider?
Where is the horn that was blowing?
They have passed like rain on the mountain,
like wind in the meadow.
The days have gone down in the West
behind the hills into shadow.
How did it come to this?'

- King Theoden, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

I sometimes think that the 'west' that is so often invoked by various people has long since passed, the 'west' that we have now is a husk of it's former self, a parody of what the 'west' once was.
The nobility, the charity, the decency of our forefathers is gone, the selfishness and nihilism of the Jacobins, the Bolsheviks and capitalists has drained us most of our morality and vitality.

We seem entranced by trash, the trash of television and celebrity, the trash and lies of 'free love', the deception of 'get rich quick', the lies of relativism.

'The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.' What are we left with? Licence, promiscuity, a love of death, a toleration of lies, a rejection of God, a contempt of our past, of our forefathers and their decency.

'How did it come to this?' The concept of revolution, of progress and a disposal of the past.
No people, no race, no one can live completely cut off from who they are, no one, no people, no race can pretend that they popped into being with nothing behind them. We seem content with the lies told us, we seem happy with our lot.

I don't feign to know all things, I know myself too well for that, I see my weaknesses vividly, I see the procrastination, the unholy, the impure, I l know my imperfections and the few strengths. I don't condemn my fellow westerners, my fellow Christian brothers, I lament their weaknesses, I mourn their uncaring regard for their peoples, I wish that they could be stronger.

I read a comment on a blog, I can't remember which, the gist of which of which, was that we we(white westerners) were like the Elves in the Lord of the Rings, that we had lived in this world, had molded it to our desires, had created such beauty, yet, through our avarice and folly had lost this world, just when we had everything in our power, and that we were now condemned to a slow by inexorable decline, to be overtaken by other, newer races, who would inherit that which we had created and cultivated.

I don't know how exact this is, but is does seem apt!

I hope that we can find ourselves again, I hope we can recover from the guilt of total war, genocide and slavery, I hope, that we can be who we once were, I hope!


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