Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Switzerland goes in the right direction

It seems that there are some in Europe who are sensible enough to resist the Islamisation of their homes!

'GENEVA (AP) — Swiss nationalists are forcing a popular vote on whether to ban the construction of Muslim minarets — a proposal that, if approved, could clash with Switzerland's constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion.'

I don't know how what is basically a planning issue can be described as preventing 'freedom of religion', but in reality, when people originally talked and wrote of 'freedom of religion', what they meant was freedom to choose ones version of Christianity, Not the freedom to worship an Arabian devil, or some weird elephant with lots of arms, or some blue woman with six breasts!

'This is not the first time the People's Party has ignited a provocative campaign.

Recently it embarked on an anti-immigrant initiative, complete with posters showing a black sheep being kicked off a Swiss flag and dark hands grabbing at a pile of Swiss passports. But voters last month overwhelmingly rejected the party's proposal to make it harder for foreigners to gain citizenship.'

I like the way the Volkspartie thinks, this is what Ireland needs!

'More than 310,000 of Switzerland's 7.5 million people are Muslims, according to the Federal Statistical Office.'

That's even worse then us!

'In Cologne, Germany, plans to expand the city's Ditib Mosque and complete it with dome and two 177-foot-tall minarets have triggered an outcry from right-wing groups and the city's Roman Catholic archbishop.'

I like the way the AP is subtly smearing the opponents of the new massive mosque by calling them 'right wing', a great way to dismiss what someone says without having to consider what they are saying!

'Switzerland's unique system of grass-roots democracy allows political hard-liners to take the issue further than in other European countries, where constitutional courts or governments have blocked moves against mosques and minarets. Any Swiss citizen who collects 100,000 signatures within 18 months can put an initiative to a nationwide vote.'

I must say, Switzerland is probably one of best republics in the world, certainly the most well run!

It seems that this issue is Europe wide, even worldwide, Muslims are causing trouble in Australia, Canada, those United States, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, etc....


Why are our elites allowing this?

Why do they not stop it?

What is wrong with them??

Is this planned?

Is it something that our elites want us to suffer under?

It makes me angry to think about it!!


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The joys of 'diversity'!

I remember even 10 years ago, there were little to no immigrants in Ireland, everyone I saw was white, when I went into Cork, there were no black or brown faces, there were no women dressed in the veil.

When visiting England, it was interesting to see all the 'diversity' in the cities, it was fascinating, I thought it was 'cool' to have so much 'diversity', it seemed so much better then boring old 'White Ireland'.

Well, having lived in England, I experienced this 'diversity' first hand, and realised what a disaster it was for England, the violence, the menace in parts of London and Birmingham, the filthiness of the streets, the aggressiveness of 'visible ethnic minorities' was very real and frightening.

I realised in England, that races are very different, that we act differently, we have different expectations and dreams and that our moralities are different. This is not to say this is bad, but that it is real.

Well, now that Ireland has it's own 'diversity', we can experience it now at home! already blacks are complaining about 'racism', already Muslims are shouting 'Islamophobia', this from groups who have been in our country at most for a few years. Already we hear demands that we change to fit their desires and that we must treat them as special so at to tackle our 'racism'!!

Is it not odd, that no matter where these 'minorities' go, no matter how long or short a time they live somewhere, the host peoples are 'racist'? Is it not the greatest coincidence in the history of man, that no black community seems able to make money honestly? That no black community seems able to avoid drugs, promiscuity or being lured into crime? That most of them end up on benefit or in prison?

Ireland, or more accurately Ireland's elites, seem to have thought like I did when I was a teenager, they must have visited London often and thought, 'oh how cool is all this vibrant diversity?' They probably thought about the fascinating little Indian and Paki neighbourhoods that could spring up in Dublin, Cork and other places. They probably dreamed of a Black community that could be integrated as we Irish are so accepting and non-racist, unlike those 'little Englanders'.

Anyway, us Irish, are we not the 'Blacks of Europe' as was said in the film, 'The Commitments'?

Are we not one of the 'oppressed' peoples of the world just like the blacks and Pakis and others?

It is amusing in some ways to see the reaction of normal Irishmen to this wave of immigration, I always get the automatic, 'I'm not racist but...' before every racialist tirade, the moans about the 'coloureds' the 'Nigerians', the 'Somalians', the 'Gypsies', the Muslims, the Pakis and the east Europeans. It seems we are not so unlike the 'little Englanders' as we liked to think! You see, it is all fine and dandy and ever so easy to be in favour of 'diversity' when there is none near you, and thats what we Irish did for so long, we felt so superior to the Yanks and the English, who were grappling with black criminality and violence. We could talk about how we were so 'good' because we knew what oppression was, we could empathise with the blacks.

Once our economy took off, the blacks, ever eager for new green fields of opportunity to make money easily, poured into Ireland, as did the Pakis. We are now in as bad a situation as Britain, with regard the hordes of grasping, moaning minorities who never stop complaining about how terrible their situation is in this 'racist' country. The media, unsurprisingly has sided with the invaders against us, in our own country!!

Unlike many, the immigration of east Europeans does not bother me too much, they are White, come from a Christian background and seem to work hard and many have integrated, others work here and go home after a while.

The problem is the Blacks and Pakis, they will never go home in appreciable numbers, except to bag a bride to bring back here, so their numbers will only clime in the coming years, creating more and more problems for us natives, you will see ghettos arising, if they have not already done so, you will see grand mosques being built, you will see Blacks screaming racism ever more loudly, you will see gang rapes, gruesome murders, shocking violence and no support from our government.

The government will most likely try to disarm you completely as they have done in England, so that you are helpless when the feral black gangs come to your house, as happens in England, and America!

Quite soon, you will be told that some Nigerian, or some violent hateful Somalian is as Irish as you because he has a passport! Oh the joys of 'diversity'!

Well, the truth is we had all the warnings we needed from seeing what has happened in England, in our arrogance, we thought we could do it better then England and we have failed, because it is not the English that are at fault, it is the people they allowed in that cause the problems! Now we have many decades of fear and violence ahead to appreciate that!