Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A New Cold War?

If we are indeed to have a new Cold War as many American pundits seem to be dreaming of, I know with whom I will stand. Holy Mother Russia!

The leaders of the west are spineless worms, unworthy of our great heritage, they have continually betrayed us, they have sold us out, they scorn us and our past. They are the ultimate anti-westerners.

Russia is a Christian nation, it is a true nation, not like the hollowed out states that pass for nations in the west anymore.

I despised the Soviet Union, mainly because of the spiritual rape it committed on the Russian people, the new Russia is not the Soviet Union.

Russia, one of the last European nations to stand up for itself, it is being threatened and bullied by the very same monsters who threaten and bully us, Russia is our most natural of allies, we must work with Russia in this new 'Cold War', it is the leaders of the west and especially the leadership of the United States that are the true threat to the continuity of our culture, our 'way of life'.

The hypocrisy of the American administration is stupefying, they condemn Russia for recognising Abkhazia and South Ossetia, yet do not seem to think their illegal and immoral betrayal of the Serbs over Kosovo is not many times worse, what are these people smoking?

In all our travails, we at least have one true ally, that is Russia.

God save Holy Mother Russia!


Anonymous said...


de Brantigny said...

I must disagree. America is my nation, I have fought in her wars, most of which opposed armies suppied by the old Soviet Union yes, but also with weapons procured from the Russians as well. There are unaccounted for nuclear weapons furnished by corrupt corrupt officers of the Russian military. At Russia's head is a president placed there by V.Putin, who may make the sign of the Cross was the head of the KGB, an organ not known for its friendly view of Christians. My countries current enemies

While I do not wish for war, I know that my countries enemies are supplied and trained with AK-47, RPG, mines and other weapoons. I my self have been shot at with these.

I disagree with many of the things that we do, I have written about these things, but I am compelled by duty to defned my homeland and hearth, just as my maternal grandfather did in 1916.


ad fukal said...

The real enemy of America and the American people is summed up by the letters Z O G! Their puppet in chief is George Bush.

de Brantigny said...

See this is what I mean. This
Ad Fukal comments, these are the same kind of non-sense that all the mobs use, a sound bite to get the sycophants fired up and then leave... ZOG stands for Zionist Occupation Government. It is a Nazi codeword for jew. It refers to any government which opposes terrorism, and fringe leftist groups.

Thank you for printing them. Shows how ignorant of the Americans he is.

Charlemagne said...

I will stand by Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine, whose churches did not bow down to Soviet domination, whose bishops went to the Gulag rather than except a paycheck from Moscow, and who are trying to provide leadership, not despotism, for their people.

Irish Tory said...


But that is exactly my point. Russia is no longer the Soviet Union, it is a Russia being reborn, with the Church as it's guide.

Poland and lithuania and the Ukraine were of course oppressed by the communists, but so were the Russians.

The point I'm trying to make, is that the west is so degraded, that it seems to me that Russia is by far the healthiest nation in Christendom, of course it has its problems, of course there is still a desire in many Russians to be a powerful empire. That is just the way it is.

But we have a choice, to accept the corrupt domination of the degenerate elites who rule us, or hope that Russia can be an example to us to restore our own nations.

Charlemagne said...

Russia has never been guided by the Church, except in the days of St. Volodymir the Great. Rather, the state has guided the Church in one of the worst forms of Ceasaro-papism that history has ever seen. Throuhgout its history, the Russian Orthodox Church has bowed down to the wishes of the czars, and when the system collapsed, they were a few protests, but that was all. When the state pays your salary, there is little you can say against it.

Russia has the second highest divorce rate in the world, and one of the highest abortion rates. The declining birth rate has been so severe that Prime Minister Putin has declared national holidays and monetary prizes for couples (married or not) who get pregnant. Does this sound like a renewed Christian culture to you?

John Lukacs and Hilaire Belloc both saw nationalism, the pagan worship of the state, as a far more dangerous and enduring enemy than communism. I don't see, in the recent invasion of Georgia, the rebirth of Doestoevsky's Holy Mother Russia; I see a saber rattled by a Mafioso president (Medvedev), the puppet of the Chekist king (Putin). I long to see a rebirth of Holy Mother Russia, but it has not come yet.

Anonymous said...

You are quite right in your remarks regarding the West. The West has been gutted by its gutless and flaccid politicians. We have declined because we have got soft and have lost the sense of meaning and purpose that was the basis for the West's courage and strength.