Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sharia and the Archbishop

The furor surrounding Dr Rowan Williams' speech the other day seems a bit hysterical and unrealistic to me, the whole point of his speech, it seems to me, was that we need to face up to reality and understand that Sharia is already in Britain and much of Europe, although informal at the moment, and that it will spread and become entrenched.

I am not much of an admirer of Islam, something that seems to me to be a heretical Judeo-Christian sect. For many years I have opposed the establishment of mosques and Islamic immigration into Europe and especially Ireland as a matter of principle.

However it seems clear to me that the people who govern us are determined to ignore us, and worse to oppose our quite moderate, in my view, and sensible views on immigration and Islam.

They seem to be determined to place large groups of Muslims in all our cities and to change the ethnic makeup of Europe.

We can't stop this, we can protest, we can write letters, we can complain, we can vote for another party, but none of this will make the slightest difference to what is happening.

Therefore, we must make our peace with reality, and that reality is that we will see large Islamic minorities in all western European nations in the near future.

Those who cheer on this ever increasing tide of immigrants are the very people who would suffer under Sharia law, the leftist revolutionaries, the feminists, the criminals, the degenerate etc, it is not the conservatives or the Christian who will feel the immediate wrath of Sharia, it is the former.

So, if we are unable to stop this, if we are to be under the jurisdiction of Islamic Law, then let those who made it possible feel it's wrath first.

Dr Williams was only doing what any responsible leader in such circumstances would do, he is preparing for the future, a more Islamicised future.

Please don't think me a traitor or a defeatist, I am wearied of worrying about Islam and it's followers, let them have their law, let them do as they please, and let those who made all this possible suffer the consequences of their acts, as they should!