Thursday, 6 November 2008

A Changed World

“The world has changed. I see it in the water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air.”

Treebeard, The Lord of the Rings

It is a strange thing indeed, to see a nation sell it's birthright to an hostile alien, it is stranger still when you see what was once a great nation give it away as happened yesterday in those United States.

I will admit to feeling shaken when it became clear the Marxist Mulatto was going to win the American presidential election, even though I has resigned myself to it anyway, it still came as a shock.

I can't say I wished McCain to win, I didn't, he seemed a dangerous man to entrust such power, but neither did I wish to see Obama win it.

I fear that this may be the end of a great power, the ending of an age.

The celebrations surrounding his victory disturb me, that white people can actually wish and desire to become vassals of an outsider, of a foreigner!

And I also fear that this will be only the first such act of surrender in the west.

My only hope is that this will mean an American government not so desirous of a conflict with Russia, McCain would have sought out a confrontation with the Kremlin, he would have brought the Ukraine and Georgia into an alliance with those United States, whether as part of NATO or not. My hope is that Obama leaves Russia alone. It is interesting that President Medvedev made a confrontational speech to the Duma, the day Obama won, something methinks would have been muted had McCain won.

As I've written before, Russia seems the only sane Christian power left in the world, one that increasingly looks likely to be our only hope of survival in the years ahead. Those United States are now not only a bad ally, they are set to become an open enemy of Christendom.

So passes the great American republic, destroyed by its own foolish belief in 'democracy', poisoned by years of Satanic propaganda, and now left as the primary vehicle of evil in this world.

This is not a time for celebration as fans of the Marxist Mulatto believe it is, it is a time of mourning.


Vara said...

You did see what happened in Iceland? The US and the EU refused to help, yet Russia came through with a 4 billion euro loan. Hmmm...

I fear that Obama may continue a feckless foreign policy. The desertion and suicide rates in the US forces are rising, and such would be the forces committed to a battle against the Russian forces. I shudder to think what would happen when US troops are subjected to a Grad bombardment. The US has not faced a peer-foe since the Korean War, and its hubris and overconfidence are monumental.

Yes, Russia is the hope of the Christian West. But, who shall be found to gather under its banner? I fear that it shall be few... all too few.


Vanishing American said...

Good post.
Although our shell of a 'republic' may have been destroyed, the fact is there is still a remnant of real Americans who are still out here. We are relatively few in number but we hold true to the original America that our own forefathers created, and we know that 'democracy' was not part of the original American plan. 'Democracy', and the universal franchise, plus mass, uncontrolled immigration plus political correctness, have brought us to where we find ourselves today.

We're still here, we of the American remnant, down but not out, dispirited, but not defeated.

Irish Tory said...


I do realise there are still a remnant left, and I wish you well, but the America that my father admired and loved from afar is gone.

That is a terrible shame, I just hope Europe does not go the way America has, but I fear it will.


The army of the Marxist 'Mutt' as he so aptly described himself, will be a 'cakewalk', if they must fight the Russians, the Russians will be fighting for Holy Mother Russia, what would the Americans be fighting for? Nothing.

However I don't think that even the 'Mutt' is stupid enough to get into a direct firefight with the Russians, I think it will be more a case of Russian diplomatic outmanouvering of America, we may see Russia undermine NATO, tempt Germany and/or Italy into their sphere by promises of cheap energy and military friendship, at this point who would you trust more to be effective, militarily?

I also think that after a few more years of economic collapse and individual economic pain, the people of Europe may prefer security to our so called 'enlightened government'.

You may see the rallying of the west sooner then you think!

I hope to God that that is the case!

Vara said...

The Russian forces were brutally honest concerning the faults they found in their own organisation and equipment during the dust-up with Georgia. These faults shall be attended to.

Russia has unfurled the battle banner of St George the all-Victorious. If I remember rightly, he is also the patron of the British forces (in the past, alas). Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev raise the sword and issue the call of Aragaorn at the walls of Minas Tirith, "Men of the West!" believe thqt there are those in the West who shall answer the call.

Shall we live for God, Tsar, and Motherland, or shall we live for Self, the Mob, and Anomie? The first gives a code of honour and something to fight for. The second gives nothing but greed, grief, and blasphemy. I am confident that there are those in the West who shall stand for the right.

The world has changed. Is this a new "ten days that shook the world?" God willing, it is not too late.


kerdasi amaq said...

Obama is such a phony, I can't believe that anyone voted for him.