Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Republicanism rears it's ugly head,again!

Well, it seems some can't get enough of killing the 'seasenach', how brave of those who gun down an unarmed and unready foe!

Ireland is in trouble, our rulers have unleashed tens, if not hundreds of thousands of foreigners on us, they use our money to support the invaders, giving them free housing, health, education as well as everything else. When the invaders attack, main or rape one of us, they provide legal aid so that they can lie their way out of court and back onto the streets so that they can go on their merry way, raping, pillaging and murdering as they go!

Now, some morons seem to believe that this is not too much of a problem, they seem to think that some young fellows who are in the British Army, getting a pizza is more outrageous then having our nation overrun, and this time for real! No let the Africans and Muslims do as they please, the real enemy are the English, yes those fellow Christian Europeans, yes they are the existential threat to Ireland's future!

Mosques are being built, triumphant minarets are beginning to tower over the homes of Irishmen, and these numskulls, these morons, these ignorant, narrow minded thugs think that they will be thanked or admired for their murders!

A curse on them and their type.

This is the reason I loathe republicanism, it is the avenue to cowardly murders, sneaky ambushes and the like. No great battles for Irish Republicans, no, neither is there any noble one on one combat, no, only cowardly ambushes, or assassinations, or grievous murder.

And that goes for the original IRA, the one many seem to think is different from the PIRA or RIRA. They are all the same, murdering, thieving, treasonous scum!


de Brantigny........................ said...

My grandfather who was born in Donegal rolls in his grave.

Vanishing American said...

I had a similar reaction to this incident. I really don't understand why there is so little resistance to the idea of millions of aliens in Ireland while the presence of the British evokes such violence. I understand the historical background of it and the reality of the sense of grievance but it would seem that the threat from mass immigration should provoke some righteous indignation.

The nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales are also seemingly tolerant of the presence of Moslems and other aliens in their countries, reserving most of their animosity for the British. Do you have a sense of why this is the case? Is it just because they are basically Marxists/multiculturalists rather than real nationalists?

ZAROVE said...

Of course. It makes mroe sense to hate the English in our PC world thant he terrorists, because we are told thye are vixtims and somehow the Englsh are horrible because some folks in the Norht wanted ot stay lyal to them...

Ill be back later to elaborate, but it seems we are more willign to beleive a lie than the truth, especially ithe lie destroys us.

kerdasi amaq said...

well, I regard the British Army as little more than mercenary bullyboys, whose real role is the bash the Celtic Nations into line, on behalf of the Establishment, who do not really care what happens to their mercenaries.